Bring On The Dandelions

It's time for some sun and warmth. Farmer's are faced with big decisions as June is around the corner and planting is behind schedule. For the grass based farmers it's dandelion here.

River Folk-Everyday People

What if a Sly & the Family Stone song were stuck in your head? I wrote a column piece before it went away. Click Here...

Clean Water is a Universal Need

Learn about what Colin Hanson, elementary school teacher in rural Edgar, Wisconsin, is doing to break cultural barriers through his A Walk In Their Shoes Program. Click here...

Will the Crops Follow the Loon?

Introducing Dr.Walter Piper, Professor of Biology at Chapman University in Orange, California. He has studied the loon population on a hub of lakes in northern Wisconsin since 1993. Some models suggest the habitat is moving northward-and that loons will be a rarity in Wisconsin by 2080. Will agricultural crops follow that trend? Have they already? Anecdotal evidence says yes, but that's not good enough. My plan is to follow Dr. Piper and learn about his work and see if an analogy can be drawn to agricultural cropping systems evolving northward.

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