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Playing Bach at Harvest Time

I close the window to quiet the wrens

and sit at the kitchen table

my fingers stained with yesterday’s hay

work the ebony fretboard

the e minor progression says politicians

never lie and droughts will end

then the dow falls and tires melt

in the blistering streets of Delhi

grace notes from the soundhole

pour down to the cupped ears

of mice, the great listeners

in the walls of my farmhouse

my Leo Kottke hands play Bach’s Bourree

the guitar says don’t work today, stay in & play

these six strings that say no one must die

while the hayfields wave an ocean of hands

beckoning me to harvest

Published in the March 2017 Issue of Midwest Review

The Chrome Box Wrenches

after William Carlos Williams

many turns hinge


the chrome box


casting hard black


upon the work shop


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