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A Painting

I do a lot of painting in the off months, Nov. thru March. I gravitate toward old barns, predominantly dairy barns. A painting like this is done almost entirely with foam brushes from the hardware store. I also use a boat load of masking tape. I like hard edges and laser straight lines, often to a vanishing point. I like everything in order and straightforward, unlike my life.

When I finished this painting I was surprised at how I let the main object fall off the right of the canvas, and it started to grow on me. It represented another level of abstraction that was unexpected. I made a drop-in frame from my supply of local ash that I got from a neighbor in a barter deal. Although not evident in this photo the ash has a beautiful subtle grain and is super dense. A real joy to work with. I am undecided as to whether I will stain this frame dark or leave it natural.

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