The Market Garden Class

One of the highlights of this past winter was attending a Market Gardening Class at UW-Madison. My interview with 2 of the attendees was particularly gratifying. To learn more click here

Introducing: From My Tractor Cab for Agri-View

I am very pleased to introduce my new column with the publication Agri-View titled "From My Tractor Cab." The series will feature my experiences dairy farming in rural Wisconsin and the people who have kept life interesting. My first article, published March 9, 2018, is about the profound impact a simple tractor cab has had on my life and the laborious tasks that fill it each day. Here is an excerpt from that article: I can divide my farming career into two eras – b.c. or before cab, and a.c. or after cab. “Before cab” brings back a sunburned memory of spearing a round bale on a July afternoon with my White Utility Tractor, rousing a nest of wasps from beneath the bale. I jumped off the seat

From The Tractor Cab: Fenceposts

17 November 2017 Fenceposts Here in the small world of my tractor cab I am finally content while the fields of November are dying all around me the vacant nest of an oriole trembles in a leafless maple while sedge-grass leans under new snow The fenceposts I set 20 years ago look good (doubly good!) as they hold tight the tensile wires dividing the paddocks. I owe this rare contentedness to fence posts and the small world of my tractor cab To view entire article click here.

Paul Gilk

Today I interviewed my friend Paul Gilk for an upcoming article. He has spent most of his life off the grid in Merrill, Wisconsin. He is a philosophical man who has a deep understanding of history and how it applies to current topics like religion, and the ongoing small farm crisis. He is kind, generous, and can tell a great joke. It was a good day.

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